Monday, May 11, 2015

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Chickies! How 3 turns into 18 and then some

So we got sucked in...became subject to what the backyard enthusiasts call "chicken math" .  Our story goes somethin like this. I went to the feed store with the intentions of buying 3 chicks. One for each of the kids. We got to the feed store and saw they had 5 different breeds. I told James to pick what he wanted. We then went inside got the food and water containers, the heat lamp and walked to the counter. Some time between walking into the store and getting to the counter I lost my sanity and all gumption and logical thinking. The nice gentleman asked what else I needed, I said chick starter and some chicks. He pleasantly asked "how many?" I answered "10."  I  paid the man and we went outside to pick our chicks.

What THE HECK! !#@*&#@^$ what was I thinking? Where did 10 come from? How had I lost my sane number of 3 that I had in mind while driving to the store, getting out of my car and looking at chicks, all the way up to actually saying how many I wanted. Oh well they were cute so I guess it's all good. So 3 turned into 10.
So while sitting at the dinner table, Daddy Digs said well where are MY chickens? Dumb founded I asked him what he wanted, white Cochin was his answer. So for his birthday I ordered him two white Cochin chickens. The catch? there is a 4 chick minimum. So now I had to get two more at least. I chose two different breeds, and then I didn't want those other two to be alone so I ordered two more. So now my 3 is 16. My six new babies should hatch today and be here by Wednesday.

THEN James wanted two silkie chickens. They are cool lookin, they remind me of a wookie.
So 3 becomes 18. Now my friend had an incubator. BWAHAHA! I decided that wed do a life science project and hatch some eggs. We'll document the growth, diagram eggs  and all that jazz. I found someone local and she is selling me 24 Cochin eggs, and one selling me 6 Americauna eggs.  If all those hatch my 3 will become 48. That my friends is what you call "chicken math". I will update our 21 day adventure when it starts.
Ansel is just having loads of fun though with these babies. Oh and we still have to build the coop!

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Saturday, April 6, 2013


I am going to take daily page advertisement opportunities out for you all.  I also am going to try to do a big co-operative blog give away...what do you think? I still would like to line up reviews and share products etc. I am always open to suggestions and ideas.
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's coming along!

the blog is coming along! I am so excited for this revamp!  I am learning how to make it do what I want! So what do you think?

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Under construction!

I am going to fix up the page change things around and re-do some stuff. I will have to relaunch the page once I have everything under control.

Under Construction

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Operation re-vamp commencing

I am busy signing up for different sites, thinking up the things I want to add to the site and make it just overall enjoyable.... share and refer friends I want this to go well!