Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lilla Rose wih Kimbely Cahoon

I LOVE hair clips, bows, pretties of all kinds for Madilyne.  They are easy to use, easy to figure out which size is right for you, and for someone who wore their hair up most of the time, gave me flexibility and variety without too much hassle.
We all know the famous, or should I say infamous,  plastic claw hair clips? You know you all have at least 5 like this and all have broken teeth. They hurt, are uncomfortable, and don't really hold the hair well.

I have a hard time with elastics even sometimes, I have baby fine hair but tons of it. My hair was long, past my shoulders. I used a large clip and was able to get it all up, tight and secure and with no extra hair pins.

Here is a comparison picture for sizing that I found from Lilla Rose sizes

And a picture of what it looks like open. This is THE BEST hair clip I've ever used!
You can see they are metal, but not uncomfortable at all! The figure 8 piece flexes and the stick has three notches in it to adjust how tight it is. Very sturdy, very very comfortable, and super pretty!
They aren't priced like gold either, $15 for the non dangly ones, and $20 for the dangly ones.

So that was my experience a year ago with the flexi clips.  I saw a gorgeous horse clip and I KNEW Madilyne had to have it.
And I was right she was in immediate love. Her hair is a bit thicker and longer so I got a medium clip this time. I still love them but what to do when your hair gets cut and you loose 10 inches? Nothing holds your hair up then because it's so darned short.
Enter the beautiful Lilla Rose Head Band. LOVE this headband! It has an elastic adjustable band at the back so ti can be sized to fit me or my princess.
There are quite a few different designs to choose from. I chose a neutral goes with everything style 


I found that it didn't slip and I was able to wear it all day without it hurting my head.

Miss Kim is fabulous and to celebrate her fabulousness  here is what we are doing:

First Everyone can enter to win a gift certificate for $16 for the product of your choice US and Canada will get free shipping outside those two just pay shipping.

Second we are doing a Mystery hostess party! Everyone who places an order on the party will go into the drawing for all the hostess rewards! To have something fabulous just get the arty to $100 in sales. You will get a free git from Lilla Rose and also Kim is throwing in a flexi clip gift cert for the hostess above the already great rewards.

Make purchases on this party to qualify. You will have to register to look but are not obligated to order!
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