Wednesday, September 29, 2010

this is hard and easy at the same time!

I've been working nearly feverishly to line up reviews. Most people are fantastic,  bouncing woolies yup got dryer balls coming up from her. Wee Expressions was super quick to get wipes out for me to review. RubyMoon Natural Laundry detergent is just spankin that's coming up in November, Snuggli Bebe has been uber fantastic and I have 3 review/give aways coming up for her. Planet Wise put me on their list for a wet bag review. Cloth by Tel is even going to give me a chance if I can get 200 fans. Ah but there is the hard part...holy cow I never thought it would be sooo hard to get 200 people to like free stuff.

I mean me, yes I love free stuff, really really love free stuff. I even try to make it easy to get the free stuff.  A give away at 100 fans, 200 fans, I mean I like to give stuff away almost as much as I like to get stuff. I even bought some super cute Baby Legs today with the thoughts of giving them out as a prize.

If I thought offering up my left kidney would get me fans I just might do it. I have decided I really like reviewing and finding stuff to review. I would very much like to keep doing it. 7 reviews and a give away for each, 9 if you could the Snuggli Bebe separately. See and this is all in just a couple weeks starting up. Imaging what else I could line up if I had more fans...

Suddenly I feel like I am in the 3rd grade whining about no body liking me. I mean I'm not ready to like commit some sort of social suicide or anything, but I really really wanna be liked. So please, be kind, please Like me...please? purty please?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The long awaited...ittybittybums review!


I have done tons of market research studies; I was even so lucky as to review J&J’s bedtime bath line before it came out on the market. I love the way that stuff smells! So I am not new to the idea of using something and telling people what I like and what I don’t like about it.  I have done studies about disposable pull-ups as well. I will say keeping 2 weeks worth of pull-ups to return to a lab later, was a lot gross; I feel for the person who had to open those bags!

So here I am, running full force into the review blogging world.  Why did I start? Well I started because I love stuff. I love new stuff, and I love stuff that is functional and does it’s job well.  Even more then loving stuff, I love FREE stuff!  I dig WAHM (work at home mom) stuff a lot. I have a ton of respect for the women who work hard so they can keep their families afloat physically and financially. So during my journey into the review world, I am going to give a little somethin’ somethin’ along the way to the people who make it all worth while!

I choose ittybittybums AI2 diaper.  When I decided I wanted to start cloth diapering, I had nothing. My friend had been building up her fluffy stash and had diapers in the right size to fit my baby moose Ansel, so she lent them to me. In the mix was a brand spanking new just prepped ittybittybums diaper, some pre-folds and a few covers and other various AIO diapers.  I found every single diaper useful and fun (yes I said cloth diapering is fun) but time and time again, I found myself washing so that I could get back to that beautiful forest green ittybittybums diaper. So I decided I MUST review it.

I love how trim it is, it’s the closest fit I’ve used so far. It fits Ansel very much like a disposable!  Ansel is a moose and one of the most peein’est babies I’ve ever met, with that said we have yet to have any leaks! I put this diaper on him for his afternoon nap, which is usually his wettest wake, and his clothes were bone dry! I have had trouble with disposables leaking out during his afternoon nap, so this was spankin’. It has super soft lining and the insert is squishy soft! NO RED MARKS were to be found ever!

I love the hook and loop closure, I haven’t found a love for snaps just yet, Ansel is so wiggly this makes it easier for me to get changes done fast.  But never fear for those of you who do heart snaps, she has those too!

I have taken the cover and slapped a tri-folded pre-fold diaper in there and it’s lovely just the same. Stefanie also makes covers!

Ittybittybums has tons of cute patterns and she is VERY reasonably priced. 12 diaper collection for $126 and you get a 13th diaper for free when you buy 12! That works out to about $9.70 per diaper! These are all sized diapers, the small is small, I’ve seen it and oh goodness I wish I had a little one to put it on!

Trim fit
Super absorbent
Fantastical price
Amazingly cute prints
13th diaper is ALWAYS free
Stefanie is really personable and responds quickly to questions
Multiple closure choices

Only comes with one liner (additional are available for purchase)
 I could do with two laundry tabs, one on each side. The laundry tab is in the middle of the back and Ansel had a near blow out that got the laundry tab messy.
Too many cute prints to choose from, one could go broke easily

My biggest hint it was a spank-tastic diaper was when I kept washing it and reaching for it first! I definitely am going to get a whole collection or four!

So here is the deal. Stefanie at ittybittybums has graciously agreed to give one lucky person a solid diaper in their size of choice!  

Here is how it's going to work. 

One comment on the blog = one entry, if you complete enough for 5 entries you gotta leave 5 different comments. Please include your email address, I'd hate to have to find another winner because i can't contact you.  You must complete all mandatory entries before you any of the entries will count.

The winner will be chosen via on October 2nd.
Entries:Follow the Mama Digs It blog- 1 entry

Like Mama Digs It on facebook-1 entry

Like ittybittybums on facebook - 1 entry

Send a fan our way, they must drop your name for credit- 1 entry

Blog this give away, facebook it, promote it some way (only 2 extra entries per day on this one) be sure to leave a link in the comment to it- 1 entry

 Buy something from ittybittybums she'll love you for it!- 1 entry per $1.00 spent, I'll confirm with Stefanie so no cheating! Be sure to include your email you used for purchase in your comment

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm a fan of any good give away..

One Little Mister is another site I have found, she had the opportunity to review a pretty spankin diaper if I do say so myself. Check it out, enter, you might win.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Up coming review of ittybittybums!

For my first review I'll let y'all know about ittybittybums look for it some time next week. working on lining up several reviews so that there is not a big lul between reviews =o)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My very first dive into the review world

So, I am finding myself with a little more time, and a lot I want to say. I totally see all these reviews about and think"hey I could totally review stuff and get the word out of things I really heart". So Here I am. I am going to review the cloth diapers that have stolen my heart, and other family type things that just juice my goose!