Thursday, December 6, 2012

Origami Owl with Brenda

Have you seen these? Ok so I am sure you have, most people have. If not well I am pretty sure you will be drooling by the time you are done reading this review. I am a sucker for my kids. That was all I wanted out of life when I grew up. I didn't have huge career aspirations, I wanted to be a wife and mom. So for me, any chance I get to show off my kids or tell my story I am there. I love that with the Origami Owl Lockets you get to choose up to 12 charms  to put into your locket. But I don't want to get ahead of myself...
So when you design your locket you start with charms. You can do birth stones, careers, hobbies, interests and so much more! TONS of charms to choose from.
Then you choose your locket. There are several colors and two styles and sizes to choose from.

You choose your chain, 16 different to choose from.
Add a plate if you want.

Then as if that isn't fantastic enough there are dangles yous can add on as well.

Pretty beads, and dangly owls, trees, and various others to choose from.
Then wear and love your living locket, share your story, and then create another!

So the locket Brenda built for me is lovely. It's not necessarily the one I would have built for me but I still love it. She put in gems charms for my kids, a heart for my hubby, and two things I used to love to do as a hobby, and a fun plate to reflect my bloggin that I so dearly love.

I will most likely do one for me some day. I am not a fan of alexandrite for June birthstone, so I will do a pearl for James instead of the purple stone. I also will get an angel wing dangle to recognize the babies I have lost. Then just recently they came out with tags! They are awesome, I want to add I am Blessed or maybe enough, because sometimes I need to be reminded.

 The options available are wide. You truly can make a locket that is all about you. When it comes it's packaged in this cute little take out box and up-cycled kimono fortune "cookies"


So the chain that came with mine wasn't quite long enough for my tastes... no problem! Brenda helped me choose one that would be more to my liking and it's on the way!
Here is mine on, tome it's too short so I went with a 32" chain instead.

Sorry no smiling face cause I was takin pictures by myself today! But I do really love the locket!
I love that you can write your own story, design what the locket will mean to you, and have it spark the conversations and stories you want to share.

Now Lets talk about Brenda! She is totally sweet, easy going and fun to work with. She wants nothing more then for you to be happy with your locket. She is enthusiastic and caring. I highly recommend using a consultant who has a fire for what they sell. So Brenda decided along with the give away, we will be doing some auctions for some items to celebrate you! If you just want to place an order, if you contact Brenda Directly she is going to throw in a free chain!

With the new holiday additions to the charms, you can send some fabulous Christmas gifts! What about Hanukkah? Yup there are charms for that too!


There is still time to order and have it shipped in time for the holidays.

Brenda is oh so generous. She is giving away a locket to one lucky fan! You choose medium locket, three charms, and a  ball station chain. Of course you can design it how you want, add dangles, change the locket size, different chain,more charms you just pay the difference. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the delivery by Christmas but can offer a gift certificate for you to give!

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