About Me

 I'm a baby wearin', Scentsy sellin', Wife and Mommy of 3 living with the curve ball of MS. My family is my heart and soul. I love to review things, I love to give stuff away. I do my best to be fair to everyone. I am on the East Coast, I stay up way later then I should to try to give a fair chance to everyone. 
I trust more people then I should, so just be honest, if I think you cheated I will check. I don't like public ostracism or bullying, if you don't like the way I'm doing something, send me an email. I tend to do better with private confrontation and criticism then public. I have a mean streak and if you make me mad, I may go by a different factor then rafflecopter when choosing a winner...just sayin.
Pretty much just remember your manners, complaining doesn't help, and it makes you seem ungrateful. Be sure to thank our sponsors, they don't have to give anything away ever. They just do..
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