Wednesday, September 29, 2010

this is hard and easy at the same time!

I've been working nearly feverishly to line up reviews. Most people are fantastic,  bouncing woolies yup got dryer balls coming up from her. Wee Expressions was super quick to get wipes out for me to review. RubyMoon Natural Laundry detergent is just spankin that's coming up in November, Snuggli Bebe has been uber fantastic and I have 3 review/give aways coming up for her. Planet Wise put me on their list for a wet bag review. Cloth by Tel is even going to give me a chance if I can get 200 fans. Ah but there is the hard part...holy cow I never thought it would be sooo hard to get 200 people to like free stuff.

I mean me, yes I love free stuff, really really love free stuff. I even try to make it easy to get the free stuff.  A give away at 100 fans, 200 fans, I mean I like to give stuff away almost as much as I like to get stuff. I even bought some super cute Baby Legs today with the thoughts of giving them out as a prize.

If I thought offering up my left kidney would get me fans I just might do it. I have decided I really like reviewing and finding stuff to review. I would very much like to keep doing it. 7 reviews and a give away for each, 9 if you could the Snuggli Bebe separately. See and this is all in just a couple weeks starting up. Imaging what else I could line up if I had more fans...

Suddenly I feel like I am in the 3rd grade whining about no body liking me. I mean I'm not ready to like commit some sort of social suicide or anything, but I really really wanna be liked. So please, be kind, please Like me...please? purty please?


  1. hey everyone likes you and you do get stuff for people and make people laugh to

  2. I like you on fb! :)as Beck Fulcher

  3. I just liked you on FB and now I'm a follower :o)

    Hope you can visit my blog! I have been working at getting my nymbers up for over a month so I know how hard it can be!

  4. Also, I try to help other new bloggers by sharing them on my blog...if you're interested I'd love to give you some "bloggy love"...I have almost 100 followers & almost 200 on FB & over 50 on Twitter to share you with. You can email me at spoonsspadesandstitches{at}gmail{dot}com

  5. Youre doing a great job...yo'll be to 1000 fans in no time :)We all love what you're doing for all of us. Thank you