Sunday, January 16, 2011

New review time lines...

Alright due to me being very tired and life, I will be posting reviews from now on Mondays, and they will run for entries until Saturday 11pm est. Anything time stamped after that I will not count, I will draw and announce winners by 11:30 barring any unforseen issues. And that leaves sunday for me and my family...


I have been running late late late nights, and looooong days. I'm worn out and will not be able to keep going at this rate if I don't find myself a break.  It is almost a full time job finding sponsors for review, as well as my house has been a wreck recently. I don't want to neglect my family and house duties, I need to leave more time to just be Mom. 

School gets behind, house work gets behind, things get lost and that's unprofessional. I do not want that to happen any more. So this change is needful. I am grateful for the fans, for my sponsors, for everyone just in general. I will also be opening up ad space and will be posting more details on that shortly. 

Thanks again ladies!


  1. Good for you! I was wondering when you slept. I think your new plan is good and both sponsors and giveaway entrants should be happy. - Trisha

  2. Bravo! Sometimes we just need to know when to back up and re-prioritize. I think you've come up with a wonderful plan!

  3. Sounds good! Don't know why you didn't do it sooner! LOL ;-) ppssst is there anyway you can get rid of having to enter in that code before posting?!?