Friday, March 30, 2012

The Diva Cup... you know you wanna!

Did you know this amazing little cup was first used in the 1930's? Yup, It's true! Here is a quick little history and the story of The Diva Cup. I first started using The Diva cup when I did the week of give aways geared for just us women. I was introduced to Luna Pads and The Diva Cup as well as other cloth pad and various green mama alternatives.  My very first thought of the cup was a scary one. It's a little daunting looking. I was sure I'd loose it up "there" or that there was NO WAY I could possibly go leak free during my period. I was gratefully proved wrong on both accounts.

Let's talk about Molly... Molly is a great woman, was late in life to get her period I guess by some standards, nearly 14 and she was super embarrassed to ask about options when it did happen. Heck she even called her sister instead of telling her mom, her sister left a box of tampons on the door in a bag for her. Poor Molly started a vicious cycle of disposable use right then and there. Molly grew up, got married had babies and then developed an unbelievably heavy cycle. She would use a super plus tampon and a super plus maxi pad and still bleed through and have to change very often. It made the use of a tampon on those heavy days really useless alas she STILL use them.. what a dork! After becoming tired of changing clothes and tampons AND pads every two hours during her heaviest days she went searching. Searched for an alternative. The ick factor had a lot of pull on her choosing different products. Mama Cloth just seemed so very very ick and the cup was ick but less so.  After trying both, Molly decided that amazingly neither was so ick that she wouldn't be willing to make the switch. She did and has never been happier. The reasons Molly made the switch?

1. TSS was a risk she just didn't want to take any more. Don't think TSS is something you need to worry about? Check this site out. You Are  Oh wait you don't know what TSS is? uh yeah dude read the little instruction pamphlet you throw out every time you open a box of tampons! TSS is serious stuff, typically more common in rayon tampons then not but still completely possible and something everyone using tampons SHOULD think about!

2. There has been recent cyclings of the moldy tampon story and seriously DUDE that is hecka gross!
Check out this blog that outlines the story and some other info from The Luna Gals. The original post can be read here from Parr For The Course where I got this picture from. Dude I wanna see what I am putting into on or around my body. I can't even begin to tell you how freaked out I am by that story.

3. Cost is always a factor, throwing away tons of money each year was really starting to get to me. With Cloth pads or the Diva Cup you wash and reuse making not only your carbon footprint less, but money saved is money spent later on something you actually wanna spend it on!

The ick factor really isn't that bad. Actually my ick factor with disposable products were so much more then they are with cloth pads or the cup. I have found that not only do cloth pads work better then disposable ones but the fragranty smell was what made my ick factor more. Thus remove the fragranty smell and ick factor significantly less. The Diva Cup is by FAR my period handling choice.

TSS risk is higher with the use of higher absorbancy tampons. I was using and bleeding through the highest absorbancy! A cup can hold approximately 3 times what a super plus tampon can! um are you kidding me?!?! There has NEVER been a reported case of TSS in conjunction with the use of a menstrual cup. EVER.

The fact that I only empty it two-three times a day makes for less laundry and less trash on my part.  I know women who only change it once a day... for me this was how I could ensure I wasn't going to leak. Before I was changing tampons, pads and clothes so often that my husband thought I had serious issues....Laundry during the week of AF used to be ridiculous for me. I had a set of underwear just for AF week... yes a whole 6 days of nasty changing all the timeness. Since changing over I have not only reduced my laundry but also the length of my period. I now have two days of heavier flow and two days of less. So reducing my period by two hole days! DIVINE!

Here is some FAQ about The Diva Cup and info on sizing.

I went with a size 2 because I'm over 30 and have had a baby. Last time I did a review I selected cup size as well for the winner unfortunately limiting my target audience... this time winner chooses size!

My cup came in a little packet with a daisy printed pouch to store your cup in when not in use.

I have found the stem to be shorter and more comfortable then other menstrual cups. The silicon is soft and pliable and I find it very easy to insert. I did have a learning curve, I can say the first probly three periods there was some trial and error, a learning curve on how to insert the cup and get a good seal every time. But now I am a pro and will NEVER go back! You can read some more info on being a Green Diva here.

You might try it and decide that it isn't for you, and at that point I'd suggest some cloth to try and hey if it turns out to not be for you at's all good but man..for me the change has really changed my life for that one week out of every month!

Where can you buy this amazing Diva Cup and cloth pads? Here is the link to The Diva Cup store finder page and the buy now page.  So you can find the retailer of your choice in your area.

The Luna Pad store is one place that has some amazing women doing some amazing things and is a retailer for The Diva Cup. In fact in conjunction with the blog post I linked they offered a $5 off code on The Diva Cup good through June 30, 2012. 5OFFDIVA is the code to use and is good on any product in the store over $30.

You can also enter to win one here! Make sure to complete all mandatory entries, cheaters will NOT prosper and will be disqualified. Contest ends April 6 2012 Midnight EST.

I was not paid for this endorsement, I provided my opinions based on the product received for review. 

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