Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jen's Mark

It seems like forever ago that I got all this amazing stuff from Jen's Mark. Actually It probably was. I had about 5 months of emails that just disappeared into nothingness. I was quite sad. I posted for a call on everyone who I missed and I KNOW I didn't get everyone. Then between email tag, this review got delayed. ALAS, I didn't forget about it because I use these amazing products EVERY day! I am Madly in love. I have super oily skin, my Mom has super oily skin, my Grandma had super oily skin. We are talking change your oil type oily skin. Make you wanna wash your face with dish soap kind of oily skin. It's gross, sure it might look all glowy from afar, but it's really a full on Monet. Far away looks pretty but up close, it's just an oily mess. Jen suggested a few things that would help me out and she sent them super fast. I got a wonderful skin care set, an amazing exfoliator,
 and this lovely color flip compact.
What is wonderful about the skin care set, is it comes with it's travel size duplicates of everything! I didn't have to hunt for  little bottles to transfer my skin care when I went out of town this summer. It was already there and ready to go! I do not like creame washes, I like to feel like I'm getting clean, and suds do that job for me. The matte lotion is amazing. If I am feeling extra oily in the day I can grab that and put a tad bit on and it helps refresh my face and stave off the urge to use the dish soap.
I have been sold on this and will not buy anything but from now on, it's by far the best that I've used.
The exfoliate is amazing. A little goes a long way. I use it daily and it barely looks used! It's got natural exfoliates in it, and it's not a harsh scrubbiness. I just put a little in my hand and mix it with the gel cleanser and vioala beautifully exfoliated skin that isn't red from harsh scrubbers.

When I told Jen that I loved the smokey eye look but had a hard time achieving it, I was pleasantly surprise to find this lovely It Kit in my box. 

I LOVE the purple hues. I have been able to get my version of the smokey eye without looking like I just slept in my makeup. The coverage is great, the blush is a lovely pink without looking hookerish and on the back is 6 lip glosses. I don't have to have 800 different little do dads. I grab this and my powder and I'm set.

The price of all the products make it extremely affordable, and the quality makes it something you will want to buy again! Working with Jen just makes the experience all the better!

Jen is giving away this lovely Super Flip Kit to one lucky reader.

To enter complete the Mandatory entry below, contest ends October 17, 2011 11 pm est.
Each entry should be entered as it's completed. All entries will be verified before the winner is chosen at random via rafflecopter The winner will be emailed and posted on Mama Digs It facebook page . Winner will have 48 hrs to contact me before I draw a new winner. DO NOT contact the sponsor directly, I will be the facilitator.

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