Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Christmas Fairy and A confession...

I helped The Christmas Fairy last year round up sponsors, through your generosity and that of others we were able to help over 150 kids and it was their first year!

A little about the process:
You can find her blog here
and her facebook page here

Applications are taken in groups of 10 families at a time. The Christmas Fairy goes over each application, checks references, situations and then matches the children up with sponsors. To fully sponsor a child you would commit to doing 10 gifts. Most of the families ask for clothing, shoes, underwear etc. that the kids are in need of. They always include some toy or something that their kids may enjoy. Clothing and shoes are accepted in new or like new condition. You ship directly to the children in need and send photos of what you sent along with shipping receipt and they get marked off the list as done. While you are doing your shopping and shipping she collects another group of kids and sponsors. Your word is what is counted on, and following through is super important.

You can fully sponsor a child, a whole family, partially sponsor or even just donate funds, coupons, freebies etc. There are currently children waiting, and there will be more waiting shortly.

So, I said I had  a confession right?

We are struggling, big time actually. Brian was out of work quite a bit this summer and we still struggle with bills and being able to pay them, clothe our kids, make sure they have all they need for school, food on the table, a roof over our heads. With all of that, we will not be able to afford to do anything for Christmas for the kids. I know it's not about buying stuff for them but as a parent I wish we could give them all the things they are dying to have. They are really great kids and do deserve a reward for all the great things they do and have accomplished this year.

I have applied for assistance for them and they got accepted.
I am so grateful for the people who give of their time and hearts to make a child's christmas memorable. I am especially grateful for who ever helps me make my children's christmas memorable.  I am grateful there are programs out there to help when you are in a situation of struggle.

For me I struggle and worry that they will have warm clothes, winter uniforms, shoes, underwear, socks etc. I would love for them to have their dream toy or what ever it is they wanted because again they are great kids who do not think only of themselves.

They asked me if they could do the Christmas phantom that I used to do when I was a child. We will try to get one or two families and spread that love. Christmas phantom is a basket of homemade goodies, poetry, artwork etc. Then with the message to pass on the season of thanks, love, and celebrating our Christs birth. 

Madilyne and James are cleaning out their old un-played with toys to donate for kids who do not have toys at all. They want to donate clothing that doesn't fit etc. To them they have no idea that we don't have any money, they are always looking for other people to help.

So I'm not writing this to beg for anything, well maybe I am... but not to beg for personal help. If you could give  just a few dollars to The Christmas Fairy or a program like that, it could change someones life and bring joy and laughter to a family who is in need.

If you have even a little extra please consider helping The Christmas Fairy or some other organization to help underprivileged families. My kids and many others will be helped by your generosity this year. The holiday season is to recognize and share love, hope, peace, and joy.
Many blessings to you and yours...


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