Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rebel: T/L/C's

Kelli posted looking for someone to review her Awesome products. I jumped all over it! I have about 1000000 bowls, cups, jars etc that do not have lids any more. So I was super happy when she gave me the opportunity!
My first question was what the heck does Rebel:T/L/C's mean... So I found her note that explains it all and her pricing.

"Rebel (verb) - to resist or rise against some authority, control, or tradition. 
T/L/C's = Tops, Lids, Covers! 

Traditionally, if you've needed to cover a bowl and it didn't have its own lid, what did you use? Tinfoil? Plastic wrap? 

Well, welcome to the Rebellion! Made from 100% cotton woven fabric and food-safe ripstop nylon, these bright, fun covers will change the way you store leftovers! Plus, caring for them is a snap! Toss them in the laundry and they come out good as new! 

TLCs are lined with a food-safe polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon which is water-resistant, mildew-resistant, abrasion-resistant, rot-resistant, and is free of heavy metals, phthalates, PBBs, and PBDEs. The coated side of the nylon faces away from food. "

There are tons of super cute prints to choose from, and even better different shapes and sizes. Truely a cover for EVERYTHING.

Seriously! how cute are these?

I love the variety of sizes. Covers for the itty bittiest of things like yogurt, all the way to a large salad bowl or casserole dish.

They are so versitile and fit and conform to the dish. I had no problems covering my Pampered Chef cake pitcher, and I covered a cereal bowl with my other one. I am going to be investing in a full set, I HATE having to use foil or plastic wrap. Neither actually cover very well and stay put, and it's a HUGE waste.
Here is the super cute set I got for review.

I asked Kelli to surprise me, and it was prefect!
I took them on a 2 hr ride from my house to my sisters and everything survived the ride with no spills! I just tossed them into the washer and they came out sparkling new. My family is sold on them.
I love that they aren't PUL lined, they are vinyl which is 100% safe for food contact.  She has tons of fabrics available here.

Kelli wants to put this gorgeous set into the hands of one of my readers.

The price range for these covers are VERY reasonable, and are as follows

Here's a breakdown of sizes with more details...

Size 1 - TEENY - $1.00
 Fits a Yoplait yogurt cup, possibly other small openings like a bottle.

Size 2 - TINY - $2 .00
Fits regular-sized tin cans (soup/tuna), drinking glasses, etc.
Works as a sippy cup cover. (2.5-3.5")

Size 3 - TWEEN - $3.00
Fits larger tin cans (tomato sauce/fruit) and whatever odd-sized bowl
is too large for a Tiny and too small for a Small. (4-5")

 Size 4 - SMALL - $4.00
Fits cereal bowls. (6-7")

 Size 5 - MEDIUM - $5.00
 Fits mid-sized bowls. (7.5-8.5")

Size 6 - BREAD PAN - $6.00
Fits most standard loaf pans. (8.5 x 4.5")

Size 7 - LARGE - $7.00
Fits mixing/salad bowls, dinner plates, pie plates, etc. (9-12")

Size 8 - 8x8 PAN - $8.00

Size 9 - 9x13 PAN - $9.00
 Also fits 8 x 11.5" dishes.

Size 10 - XLARGE - $10.00
Fits large serving bowls. (13-17")

**Please keep in mind that the elastic has TONS of give and will therefore
fit odd-shaped bowls, though you may need to size up.**

 Truely you can find a cover to fit any dish and any decor. Let Kelli with Rebel:T/L/C's take care of all your kitchen covering needs.

Contest ends January 17, 2012 12:01 am est. Any entries found to not have been completed but entered will be disqualified. Tell Kelli how Amazing you think she is!

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  1. I would like pattern #58

    Ann Fudge Cluck

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    Ann Fudge Cluck

  3. Love the butterflies!!! i saw several

  4. I love the trees, the ones with apples and such in them

  5. I love the covers and would have hard time deciding on a pattern but I do love the black and white prints with flowers or butterflies
    melissa kimball-engel

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